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Recently I attended a dynamic night of ministry at a church that I have only visited a couple of times before. And by dynamic night of ministry I am speaking firstly of the way they were ministering to God. I absolutely enjoy that place. Actually, enjoy is way too restrained. When I walk through the doors of that immense building I know that I am safe. When I walk through the doors of the sanctuary on those occasional, special nights and hear the uplifted voices singing of His matchless goodness; when I see arms stretched and hands open toward heaven in demonstration of open-heated worship; when I see Jesus lovers waving colorful banners and flags heralding the Presence of Holy Spirit, I am overcome with a sense of rapture.

That Saturday night was no different. After engaging in worship that completely undid me I settled in as best as I could and prepared to hear from the guest speaker who was there to minister the Word of God. His teaching was profound and relevant. He touched on the need to tune in to the deviant culture of our time and the importance of knowing and obeying what God has called each of us to in this culture. He emphasized that now was not the time to shrink back. This was the time to move forward beaconing God’s pure love. But he asserted that walking in love was not to be confused with embracing sin. As he pointed out the immorality plaguing our society it was evident that he was trying to avoid politicizing them. Out of respect for the pastors who had invited him and who asked that he not get political, he hovered (not to be mistaken for compromised) on several points when he clearly wanted to touch down. I desperately wanted him to land and stay grounded, but I wholeheartedly believe that it would have been an act of utter disrespect had he crossed the line. He was ministering by invitation and with the trust of those in authority.

On my long drive home I gave myself permission to be exasperated. By the time I got home I was stirred up enough to put my bursting thoughts on paper with the intention of fleshing them out and launching my voice into the blogosphere. So if you want to take the ride, strap in.

I am tired of hearing pastors and ministers dance around polarizing issues just to keep from stirring up a partisan whirlwind in their churches. They preach to congregants about the urgency of winning a sin-filled world to Jesus. They herald the importance of bringing God’s truth into the culture. Yet they do this while taking an apolitical approach. Let me qualify that it is almost always those pastors who lean toward the right side of the political spectrum that intentionally steer away from anything that smacks of government. I realize that there are pastors and ministers who are truly apolitical and actually tell their sheep that they shouldn’t engage in trying to shape the culture because it doesn’t matter in God’s grand scheme. I’m talking about those in both categories.

It is way past the time for pastors with a pulpit and leaders with a platform who self-identify as Christians, above and before any other physical trait or ideology, to fearlessly and openly bring God’s worldview to the table. If you are a bible-believing Christian pastor whose desire in life is to please God, then it should be clear to bible-believing church members whose desire in life is also to please God that supporting anyone in government who believes it is acceptable for a woman to kill her unborn (and now newly born) child is quite problematic. The thought of supporting policymakers, of any political stripe, who stand on a personal or party platform that sanctions the unfettered slaughter of the precious promises of God, should be unconscionable.

If I were a pastor taking on this issue my words would sound something like this: Family, we need to talk about a topic that I have tried to stay away from for fear of offending some or many of you. Let me start by saying that this discussion isn’t about political parties or politicians. It is about satanically inspired policies and Luciferian laws. It is about moving about this world covered in God’s truth. If we are against dismembering babies in the womb (and leaving any survivors to die in a dark room) then how can we endorse anyone making or influencing laws that uphold that which is detestable to our God? Each one of us will stand before God and give an account of how we lived out His Word. When He asks you if you spoke out against the genocide of the unborn will you be able to say yes even though you supported people who made a living fighting for it? When He asks to see your hands, the same hands you lifted in worship more times than is possible to count, will they be free of the blood of the most vulnerable? Do you believe that God will excuse your sanctioning of the slaughter of babies because of your indignation over perceived or echt trespasses? What is more important to you, the protection of the Creator’s handiwork or your pride? Ambassadors of the Province of Heaven have a mandate to infuse the world with the culture of His Kingdom. Are you going to choose His culture of truth or the world’s culture of tolerance?

Updated: June 2, 2019 — 5:22 pm

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