Hillary Clinton: A Case Study in White Privilege

White privilege is a term that’s touted in Academic circles and social justice cliques by race conscious black people and their supposed white allies. In the struggle of race, white privilege is defined as the grace afforded to white people simply because they are white. Under the umbrella of white privilege, white people are able to “get away with” and “have access to” things that members of other races don’t. They are most always given the benefit of the doubt when people of other races are not. I don’t personally believe that white privilege applies to all white people. I do however believe that Hillary Clinton is a poster child for white privilege. It seems that as scandal after scandal erupts, she continues to be unscathed, in her actions, and apparently in the polls. Hillary has demonstrated that she can “get away” with anything, as there is no one in politics, the media or in most of society that will hold her accountable. Those (black and white liberals) who readily acknowledge the phenomena of white privilege only seem to believe it applies to whites of a conservative political bent. The fact that these aforementioned liberals don’t hold Hillary in contempt for her white privilege ways is enabling the privilege they so viciously rail against.

Oh how I long for the days when the Press was truly free. You know, the Press that we used to be able to trust to sift through the day’s events, presenting us with facts. But instead we get exclusively opinion news and unfortunately that opinion is very rarely favorable toward conservatives. Actually it is often downright slanderous. And there are glaring discrepancies in the media’s treatment of the two presidential candidates. While the media pillories one candidate for every benign comment, the other’s egregious lies and intentional manipulation of information are curiously overlooked or written off as conspiracies. We have fallen into a media abyss of lies, spin and misrepresentations.

So for liberals of all makes and models, in high places and low, allow me to do for you what the media won’t, and that is introduce to you Hillary “White Privilege” Clinton.

When Clinton got caught in her web of deceit about the classified emails on her personal server she blamed a black man, Colin Powell when in actuality that black man warned her not to do the very thing she’s was eventually caught doing. It’s the black man’s fault, not hers…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Clinton Blames Colin

When she hails herself as a champion for women and demands that companies provide equal pay for women, while the Clinton Foundation was found to have the same pay disparity as the companies she likes to disparage…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Clinton Foundation Pay Gap

When challenged with the fact that she accepts money from countries that throw gay people off of buildings, she simply smiled…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Islamists Donate to Clinton

When her campaign chairman, John Podesta, referred to the “needy Latinos” who she had to reach to be endorsed but she’s never once been asked how she can have a racist white man chair her campaign…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Podesta’s Needy Latinos

When Hillary and her cronies can give reconstruction contracts to “Friends of Bill” on the backs of Haitians who are suffering and need help after the devastating earthquake and recent storm…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Hillary and the Haitians

When the contents of her emails are not up for discussion because of the Russians (TO WHOM SHE SOLD 20% of our URANIUM) allegedly “stole them”…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Uranium Rich

When the current chair of the DNC can give her debate questions in advance and then she boasts about being “prepared” when she had the clear advantage…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Clinton Cheating

When Project VERITAS videos came forward depicting high-ranking members of the Democratic Machine were fomenting violence at her opponent’s rallies, her response was “this is conspiracy” and that response is acceptable…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

When scandal after scandal erupts surrounding the sexual improprieties of her husband, which resulted in several lawsuits, him being disbarred, and eventually impeached, and her only response is to blame the “vast right-wing conspiracy”…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

When she can refer to black men as “super predators”…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Clinton Confronted

When after being caught stating to bank executives that she has to have both a public and private position on Wall Street and admitting that she’s pretty out of touch with the middle class…that’s white (liberal) privilege.

Clinton on Wall Street

But while liberals are quick to point a finger in the direction of white conservatives and cry white privilege, they willfully overlook the blaring reality that Hillary Clinton exemplifies and magnifies white privilege. It’s amazing how that finger of shame never points back from whence it came.

Updated: November 5, 2016 — 9:58 pm


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with every word in this post. As a black man in NYC I see this mental disorder called liberalism wreaking havoc, and I can’t understand for the life of me, why rationale human beings with supposed high intellect, could subject themselves to such nonsensical tripe. Even worse, how can the black community continue to complain about issues that should have been fixed decades ago, and would have if they started valuing themselves as a meaningful voting bloc. Yes, Donald Trump may be brash and have no tact. He may be brutish in some of his ways. His ways of relaying truth may be harsh. But at the end of the day, he bring awareness AND SOLUTIONS to problems that should have been alleviated long ago. We’ve had it with the ballooning debt. We’ve had it with the political class that scratch each other’s back, and the complicit media not calling anyone to task (especially not democrats). We’re tired of this Facist, Socialist, Communist, Collectivist government telling us what would have us do against our will, and we’re tired of losing our rights daily to this same government. We’re tired of Obama, and we for DAMN SURE can’t have 4-8 years of HILLARY. November 8, let’s make our voices heard from sea to shining sea!!!! HILLARY FOR PRISON!! DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!!

  2. I don’t know that I’d call what Hillary has white privilege. It’s more along the lines of Liberal Elitist Privilege, and other races in that “basket” seem to have it as well.

    1. I agree but I do still believe that white is a factor. Even among the elite there is a disparity.

      1. I agree…but, you know, White Liberals think they’re “special” and “entitled” because they “care oh so much”.

  3. Once again my friend Amy, you are spot on! I will add, that I agree with Lisa about the elitists, the same folks who invented white privilege as a hammer, are the worst perps! Three cheers for Matthias, who points out Trump’s flaws while voicing the opinion that we all have (who are voting for him) we are tired of the same, and now want to see real change. Only someone with the business acumen and NO political baggage can do this. Hillary is a vote for more of the same. And we can’t afford any more of it!

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