Christians for Donald Trump, Really?

I must admit I was never in the Trump camp. Although Mr. Trump’s rhetoric appealed to my sensitivity about the problem with our gaping borders, I was not a fan. I truly thought that his foray into politics was for sheer entertainment. No way was he serious. Why would a man like Donald Trump throw his hat into the political arena? He certainly didn’t need the fame so what was his end game?

I followed the primary Republican candidates. I heard what they were saying and I mentally listed the candidates from best to worst. I considered their record on the issues and their overall appeal. Mr. Trump had not even made my mental list. I didn’t dislike him; I just didn’t trust him. There were several reasons for my distrust. He had monetarily supported Hillary Clinton in the past. He had been pro-abortion and I wasn’t convinced that he didn’t still hold that view. He seemed to trade in wives like their leases were up. His tongue was like a loose sail flapping in a furious wind. Was he even a Republican? And I just didn’t believe that he would do what he said he would do. I watched him soar in the polls and win primaries in state after state, in spite of the fact that his primary debating tactic was to launch a barrage of insults at his opponents, reserving a few for the moderators. Barring Mr. Trump, I was excited that we had such a strong slate of candidates. None of them were perfect but there were some really good folks who could be trusted with the torch of conservative ideals. I believed we needed a champion of the Constitution and I believed Mr.Trump was not that man.

I read the fiery discussions about Mr. Trump among my friends on Facebook. It was ugly. People who had previously stood arm in arm with one another were now cursing each other. And the thing that confounded me the most was that so very many evangelical Christians, including prominent leaders, who eschewed the obviously Christian candidates, and came out in favor of a man who was so obviously not a born again Christian. (Although the word on the street is that he recently accepted Christ. He was led in the sinner’s prayer by an evangelist after a meeting.)
When Trump won the nomination I was heartbroken. I sulked. I had friends telling me that I had no choice but to vote for Trump to keep Hillary out of the Oval Office. We had suffered enough and couldn’t bear yet another economic Marxist like Mr. Obama, who with great success had fundamentally changed the America we loved into an America we could no longer recognize. I knew my Trump-supporting friends were probably right but I still felt defeated. And then one afternoon in the very end of July I penned an open letter to evangelical Christians. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was writing. The words came in a rush. I was making a passionate appeal to Christians to vote for the brash Donald Trump. Only God could have moved me to make that plea.

The first book of Corinthians tells us that God chooses the foolish things of this world to confuse the wise: Noah building an ark in the desert; lowly, fearful Gideon leading Israel, even the message of the cross is foolish to those who are too “wise” to believe in Jesus. So is it possible that God raised up this man Donald Trump? A candidate that, to many Christians (and others), seems foolish. As a student of the Word (believers if you aren’t you should be) you know that God has a habit of using unlikely people to bring about good things for His own. Joseph and the Israelites thrived under a pagan Pharaoh. Ezra and Nehemiah were given tremendous liberties by a godless king (Cyrus) to rebuild their nation. Daniel found favor in Babylon. He served as Prime Minister to several kings. Pagan king Nebuchadnezzar even bowed down to Daniel and said, “certainly your God is a God of gods and Lord of kings…

If voting for Donald Trump is so distasteful to you, consider this. Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal. Those aren’t words of hate. They are tragically accurate. The email fiasco is just one of many concerns about Mrs. Clinton. It has recently come to light that Hillary favors open borders and a hemispheric government. Yep, that’s right. The furious unraveling of our exceptionalism and sovereignty will continue at warp speed. The hellish America we are currently experiencing will be an Eden compared to what Hillary has planned. She will continue the work of this current administration. She wants to exponentially increase the influx of Muslim refugees.

Hillary Vows More Refugees

And let’s not forget that she will have at least three Supreme Court Justices to appoint. She will appoint activist judges (look that up). Judges who have no loyalty to the Constitution and will not likely recognize the First Amendment, which secures our religious freedoms, the way the framers intended. That amendment is already on very shaky ground. With a leftist Supreme Court you can expect to see some church doors closing. And if you go to a church where the Truth is taught, it could be yours. I’m not being conspiratorial. The evidence is there if you just do your homework. Hillary Clinton favors forcing Christians to change their views and practices concerning abortion. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is surrounding himself with Christians. His VP candidate, Mike Pence is a born again Christian governor of Indiana who signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He has appointed some strong well-known faith-filled leaders in the Christian community to advise him on the concerns of Evangelical Christians. He has vowed to appoint only SC Justices that have been vetted by the conservative Federalist Society. And I’ve got to tell you that commitment trumps anything Trump has said in the past or what they dig up about him from this point on.

Family there is too much at stake to sit this one out. Not voting IS voting. This election is HUGE! It will shape our nation for generations to come because of the Supreme Court appointments. Under the current administration we’ve seen Christians lose their businesses, marriage redefined by overrunning the Constitution, pastors intimidated and told they must turn over their sermon notes to the government and being told they can’t preach biblical sexuality and we just avoided a scare in California where Christian colleges were going to be forced to hire atheist professors and other such folk. Thanks to the galvanization of many believers in the state, that tragedy was averted. Thank you Lord!

So think about this: maybe, just maybe, God has presented us with Donald Trump. If that seems unlikely consider this, maybe He’s giving us the opportunity to rely on Him and not on our own understanding. If God wants to show up those who think they are so wise then it would make perfect sense for Him to use someone like Donald Trump, a man with no political gifting, no filter for his words and no real need to take on any of this mess that our nation is in. Believers, we need to wake up and step up. Our nation is crumbling under our feet. I am asking you to go into that booth and vote for Donald Trump. And if you find that you can’t, I hope that you’ll be able to use your principle to pry open your church doors.

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  1. This is excellent, you have hit many nails on the head. It was a hard transition for me to accept him as the candidate, this was the year we absolutely had to take back the white house for conservatives, and he was an unlikely and unseemly choice for sure. The appointment of three supremes trumps all arguments. You are also correct that our religious liberties are in dire straits, should Hillary win. Our parish is speaking about this, although they are not telling us whom to vote for, they are explaining the need to protect religion, and we all know it isn’t Mr. Trump who is threatening it. Amy, congrats on the new blog. I hope and plan to visit it often!

    1. Thanks Trish. You are so right! Hillary will do more damage than Obama has done. She’s already planning an executive order on guns.

  2. Excellent article! God is still on His throne … He has heard the prayers of His children as they gathered in 50 state capitols … as they have cried out to Him corporately in small gatherings coast-to-coast … in individual “prayer closets”. You are on target that God can answer our prayers with help from an unexpected venue. As I considered my privilege and duty to vote, it came down to Proverbs 3:5-6 … “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thine own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” I, too, am voting for Donald Trump to be our next POTUS and pray God will continue to bless America.

    1. What a great Proverb for the moment Catherine! Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. How any Christian could vote for Hillary “PARTIAL BIRTH Abortions” Clinton, is a mystery. Anyone who doesn’t get the “birth” part of that name is an idiot. This is murder, simply put. Babies have survived earlier births, and if this is allowed with abandon, what’s to prevent “post birth” abortions next???
    The debate probably won’t change anyone’s mind, but any Christian who votes for Hillary has a lot of sins to atone for. And they will find fewer religious outlets to do so in.

  4. Right on the mark as usual Trish.

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