Separate But Equal Is Never Equal

I spend a good deal of time browsing various online political news sites and blogs. I recently read an article in the Daily Caller, one such news site, about a group of University of Michigan students who are demanding a black space only section in the multicultural center that is in the process of being built. Did you catch the irony? The group, Students4Justice, submitted a petition demanding space free of white people so they can concentrate of community organizing (made wildly popular by former President Obama) and honing their SJW (Social Justice Warrior) skills. (That term always puts me in mind of ninja warriors and I guess that is pretty reasonable since many of today’s SJWs dress in black, are masked, and assault people.) But I digress. So why is it that these students want white-free space? Because they plan to seek justice, but only for people of color. And I’m sure this justice includes creative ways to shame their melanin challenged college mates into accepting the “racist” moniker for merely being born in the skin that God gave them.

Although I’m sure that what I’m about to share won’t be welcomed, I am going to use my First Amendment right and offend you anyway. Here is the problem with your demand for segregated space. And since you folks are rather young, a little history might help shake this seemingly lofty and noble (only to you) idea. Decades and decades and decades ago (1896) segregation was introduced in this country and it was ugly. There was a forced separation between blacks and whites that was justified by the idea that this separation would allow folks to comfortably associate with people of like skin and culture, while having equal access to public accommodations. That was an epic FAIL. Black people soon found out that there was no such thing as separate but equal. Well, the “separate” part was done to perfection but the “equal” part left much to be desired. Bathroom facilities, sections of buildings, public transportation, schools and the like were significantly inferior to the accommodations that whites enjoyed. This separate but equal madness didn’t legally end until 1954 and only because there were folks who had the courage to push the issue to the Supreme Court. But even after that there was still a great deal of work to be done and once again brave men and women of all skin colors united and fought long and hard to restore dignity to the human race. This notion of segregation, a tactic of oppression by the Democrats of the day, was certainly unjust and deplorable (you know, the word that is synonymous with Trump supporters.) But more than that, it was evil. It was orchestrated by the Spirit of division (known Biblically as Leviathan), which is fueled by hatred. This Spirit reigned unfettered in this nation during segregation. And now, that Spirit (Leviathan) is lifting its ugly, horrid head today. The same elite Democrats that encouraged this Spirit in years of old have reignited it under the guise of social progressivism. This ideology, held in high esteem by most Democrats (some of them well-meaning) sounds benevolent under the guise of social justice, however it is anything but. Pushing groups of people away from each other never ends well. Creating factions by encouraging a contingent of aggrieved folks who are offended by the mere existence of people who don’t share the same skin color or culture or for any other reason is dangerous. This is a main ingredient in the recipe for civil war. Separate but equal is still nothing more than a way to put one group at a severe disadvantage and there is a good chance, a very good chance, that the very goal you are trying to achieve through bullying will backfire in a big way.

Students4Justice and many other people of color, you may feel that it is your turn to be superior. You may argue that what you are seeking to accomplish is owed to you because of the (largely imagined) injustice you have suffered. What you University of Michigan students and others that share your mindset need to understand is that you have been manipulated into believing that this pursuit of justice at the expense of others is going to reap fruit. On the contrary, it is destined to fail. You can never attain justice with hate and resentment because those demons are never satisfied. They seek to oppress and destroy. Until you and your enabling white counterparts wake up, our culture will revert to being as twisted and tragic as it was in the past. News flash: You can’t demand genuine love; neither can you demand genuine respect. It is time that you realize that you aren’t owed anything but the opportunity to be the best human beings that you can be. And if you open your eyes and look around you will find that in this present day, no one is stopping you from achieving that.

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  1. Bravo! This needs to be shared repeatedly. May I?


  2. Wow! Aymee, every time I think your writing can’t get better, you go over the top again. Such a well written article. I do not understand this whole push by people to roll back the racial equality time clock to do to others what they protested themselves so vehemently when it was done to them. No movement which bases its foundation in separating persons based on race will ever serve to unite us all or have the blessings of God on it. We need to see color (or race) as God meant it to be, a beautiful part of the rich tapestry of creation, and no more. Until everyone is treated equally, none will be. Until we stand for no amount of racism, even reverse racism, racism will survive and thrive in evil men’s hearts. Excellent article my friend. God bless!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I completely agree with you. Men’s hearts are evil without Christ to fill them.

    2. The condition of men’s hearts can only be remedied by the power of God.

  3. Christine Strittmatter

    Thank you, Aymee, for your dedication to study and then report the convictions of your heart. Your message is bold and the spirit that God calls each of us to ‘move’ in. May the Lord continue to move through all of us (glorifying Himself) in our spheres of influence as He leads us. You are an inspiration to me. God bless, Chris ~

    1. Chris, you too are an inspiration.

  4. So true! And well said!

  5. Bravo…. I need to share this… I love reading what you write.

    1. Thanks for your support Kelly.

  6. Right On Right ON Right On
    Just read the Book of Esther. There was one man who thought he was way better then a certain group he despised so much he had a law (decree)made that would get rid of the people he HATED SO MUCH .
    BUT it backfired on him! So the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around, Well this boomerang came around so fast on him , that EVERYTHING he intended for the ones he hated! All, I said ALL came back on him ,suddenly, instantly so quickly, he did not have time to duck to get out of the way. bye bye Haman
    Your posts are awesome Aymee

    1. Thanks John. I love how you were able to find a biblical reference that explains the situation so well. Thanks for your encouragement and support my brother.

  7. Aymee:

    Your analysis shows deep perception, as well as wide ranging knowledge.
    As a former history professor, current newspaper journalist, and former information specialist with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, I truly appreciate clear. concise, conservative thinking.

    Please keep it up. You are a true treasure to those who want to live right.

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